An Immanent Critique of Rawls’ Idea of Public Reason under the Light of a Twofold Neutrality

12 de febrer de 2013

“Any rational observer would agree the human race is running low on rational observers.” @TheTweetofGod  1. Introduction  The purpose of the paper is to analyze some key requirements of Rawls’ ideal of public reason under the light of a twofold neutrality, that is, as political pluralism and as epistemic inter-subjectivism. Rawls claims that his notion […]

Francis Bacon’s Idols as a form of relativism

11 de febrer de 2013

One must travel always through the forests of experience and particular things, in the uncertain light of the senses, which is sometimes shining and sometimes hidden Francis Bacon, The New Organon 1. Introduction: Starting from scratch. Francis Bacon’s oeuvre pivots on the idea of ‘starting from scratch.’ This involves the demolition of the current architecture […]

The Overman as an Anti-Regulative Ideal

05 de maig de 2011

“Whenever explaining how a philosopher’s most far-fetched metaphysical propositions have come about, in fact, one always does well (and wisely) to ask first: “What morality is it (is he) aiming at? Thus I do not believe that an ‘instinct for knowledge’ is the father of philosophy, but rather that here as elsewhere a different instinct […]

Is Mixing an Art?

10 de juny de 2010

“Then there’s that beautiful moment at the height of creation when someone will lean back in their chair and say ‘sounds like a record’, signifying that the whole finally transcends the parts”. Richard James Burgess I Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine the process of mixing a music record in order to […]

The Secularization of Hell in Hobbes’s Leviathan

25 de maig de 2010

“Those who believe in heaven on earth, he said, are creating hell -he made it sound that way too- it was very lucid”. Greene Graham Our Man in Havana,[1] I Introduction: Conditions of Belief The main goal of Hobbes’s theory of state is to secure peace[2]. Peace is for Hobbes the only possible road to […]

Eternity vs the Will

24 d'abril de 2010

Karl Löwith’s reading of Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence of the Same Introduction Nietzsche’s Philosophy of the Eternal Recurrence of the Same is a strange book. And it is strange in the strictest sense. It has been a stranger in the corpus of books that are commonly used as interpretative tools to unveil Nietzsche’s work. There are […]


26 de març de 2010

(On Peirce’s Categories and the Community of Inquirers) I -Science as a social process- One of the main characteristics of Peirce’s philosophy of science is its social dimension. Against Cartesian solipsism, Peirce raises a series of counter-arguments that challenge both the intellectual process of attaining a truth–or, at least, a trustworthy conclusion-, grounded in all […]

Mary’s Bread

09 de desembre de 2009

Una història sopranesca cedida gentilment per la con-becària Marta Martínez per a aquest blog In the store window of Grande Monuments, next to a pale statue of Mother Mary, there’s a golden rack full of crispy handmade bread. Jerry Ragusa, third generation owner of the Williamsburg funerary business on Graham Avenue, has added focaccias, baguettes […]

Forgiveness and debt. Reflections from Difficult forgiveness by Paul Ricoeur.

22 d'abril de 2008

Summary: This essay is an analysis of the epilogue of the book “Memory, History, Forgetting” by the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur. The epilogue is entitled “Difficult forgiveness” and takes a philosophical anthropological approach to the act of forgiveness from a Christian perspective. Paul Ricoeur emphasizes the power of forgiveness in restoring “the capacity to act” […]

Some of my articles

15 d'abril de 2008

Alguns dels meus articles traduits a l’anglès. Kosovo: a sui generis case? Published in CEJP bulletin, on March the 20th, 2008 Yesterday at a press conference following the EU’s failure to arrive at a common position on the independence of Kosovo, a British journalist asked Javier Solana if the latest Balkan case would be treated […]

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